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The stories in this universe either run parallel with the books in the series, happen with one of the books as a background to the story, or are a complete retelling of one (or sometimes more) of the books. On occasion, I may just toss out a book completely. Like Antique Doll. Really, who needs Antique Doll?

The Trixie books are also not in numerical order in this universe. While most books do occur in some form or other in this universe, the series numbers are mixed up a bit to try and put things in a less tainted timeline.

I thought it might be helpful or interesting (or maybe both) to note the timeline of the books along with the stories featured in this universe.

Book #Book TitleUniverse StoryStart DateEnd DateAction
1Mansionif I close my eyes13-Mar-195618-Sep-1956story runs parallel to the series
2Red Trailer
4Mysterious Visitorhome's the most excellent place20-Sep-19566-Feb-1957story runs parallel to the series
5Off Glen Road
6Arizonai came to travel14-Dec-195614-Dec-1956story is a retelling of (part of) the book
7Mysterious Codedon't know what I thought I would find8-Feb-195712-Feb-1957book happens in background
8Black Jacketstory replaces the book
9Happy Valley mentioned in passing
10Marshland(timeline placement may change)
11Bob-White Cavementioned in passing
12Blinking Eyethere's a gleam in your eye10-Aug-195717-Aug-1957story is a retelling of the book
forgive the past with me17-Aug-195722-Aug-1957story is in addition to the books
26Headless Horsemanthat one girl and life is sweet27-Sep-195729-Sep-1957book happens in background
28Hudson Riverby the edge of the river5-Oct-19579-Nov-1957story replaces the book
22Mead's Mountain Dec 1957 (timline placement may change)
29Velvet Gownyou wore that red dress
(writing in progress)
Jan 1958
30Midnight Marauder Mar 1958
20Old Telegraph Road May 1958
13Cobbett's Island Jun 1958
14Emeralds Jul 1958
15MississippiMississippi, an' there you were
(writing in progress)
Jul 1958 story is a retelling of the book
33Vanishing Victim Jul 1958 (timeline placement may change)
21Castaway Children Aug 1958
31Maypenny's Sep 1958
18Phantom Grasshopper Oct 1958
32Whispering Witchto hear you whisper
(writing in progress)
21-Nov-1958 23-Nov-1958story is a retelling of the book
37Pet Show Jan 1959(timeline placement may change)
it's all about we6-Feb-19597-Feb-1959story is in addition to the books
35Memorial Day Fire May 1959 (timeline placement may change)
19Unseen Treasure Jun 1959
16Missing Heiress(plotting in progress)Jul 1959
17Uninvited GuestJul 1959
25Sasquatch Aug 1959 (timeline placement may change)
27Ghostly Galleon Oct 1959
36Antique Dollyou're there to lead me home21-Nov-195922-Nov-1959story replaces the book
we're thankful for the time we're living25-Nov-195926-Nov-1959
from a furious fate
(writing in progress)
24Saratoga(plotting in progress)Feb 1960
38Indian Burial Ground Jun 1960 (timeline placement may change)
23Queen's Necklace Jul 1960
39Galloping Ghost Jul 1960
34Missing Millionaire Aug 1960
she wants to take it just a little bit further
(CWE #9 - may be posted in future)
3-Jun-19614-Jun-1961story is in addition to the books

For a different kind of timeline, here are some important dates in this universe ... at least the ones I can share without spoiling any story lines in progress.

26-Mar-1942Daniel William Mangan is born.
2-Mar-1952Tim Mangan leaves for Korea.
9-Jul-1953Tim Mangan is declared dead.
14-Apr-1955Sarah Mangan is killed.
13-Mar-1956Dan meets Neil.
14-Jul-1956Dan leaves the Cowhands.
18-Sep-1956Dan goes to live with the Diamonds.
8-Feb-1957Dan meets Honey Wheeler.
9-Feb-1957Dan meets Bill Regan.
14-Aug-1957Dan and Honey share their first kiss.
29-Sep-1957Dan and Honey have their first (unofficial) date.
8-Oct-1957Brian and Loyola share their first kiss.
22-Nov-1959Tim Mangan reunites with Dan.

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