These are the one-offs. The loners. Those individual trees that don't fit into the forest, so to speak. You get the idea...

Stories are rated blue, yellow, or red star according to the Jixemitri Rating System.

Jixanny Group Stories

A Fourth Jix Anniversary group story by the readers for the authors (of which I was not one at the time).
By April, Teresa, El (that would be me), Jeanette, Julie, Katrina, Kristin, Michaela, Michelle, Sandy, and Stephanie P.  yellow star

A Fifth Jix Anniversary group story by the authors.
You'll find my chapter under "El" ;).  blue star

There is a story there ... stop drooling and read the notes, you'll find it. ;)
A Jix Six Anniversary Project - Group Jim: Susan, Trish B, and me.  blue star

Join our friends from Sleepyside and beyond as they compete in the 2006 Olympics.
A Jix Six Anniversary Project with Anna, April W, BethAnn, Jenn, and Pat B (Amygirl).  blue star

A Jix Ninth Anniversary group story by Team Maypenny: Ronda, Ryl, and me.
Paul Trent interviews Mr. Maypenny.   blue star

A Jix Tenth Anniversary group story by Team Brian:
Marnie, Michelle (LadyeJayne), Pamela (ps9906), and me.
Join Brian ten years after his high school graduation.   blue star

A Jix Fourteenth Anniversary group story
Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Emeralds As Told by Everyone But Trixie; Chapter 7.   blue star

A Jix Sixteenth Anniversary group story
Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Missing Heiress: A Jix Retelling; Chapter 10.   blue star

Circle Challenge or Event Stories

A CWC #8 submission. Trixie and Honey visit Scotland and solve a mystery - sort of.  blue star

A CWE #6 submission, starring Jim and Jupiter as...   blue star

A late (ineligible to win) CWE #6 submission, starring Jim, Dan, Matt Wheeler, Honey, and Brian as...   yellow star

A CWE #8 submission, co-written with the fabulous Deanna/cestmoi1.
This story is hosted at her lovely site, Funny Figure Four   blue star

A CWE #8 submission, co-written with the brilliant Julia, MaryC, and Tammy.   yellow star

Gift-Fic Exchange Stories

Written for the lovely Jennie C as part of the 2006 gift-fic exchange.
The Bob-Whites solve a mystery at Christmas time.   purple star

Written for the fabulous Kaye KL as part of the 2008 gift-fic exchange.
It's almost Christmas at Crabapple Farm.   blue star

Written for the amazing Pat K as part of the 2009 gift-fic exchange.
It's Dan's first Christmas in Sleepyside.   blue star

Written for the awesome and beautiful Maleficient as part of the 2014 Secret Santa gift-fic exchange.
Join Miss Trask as she heads to a familiar setting for Thanksgiving.   blue star

Written for the wonderful Robin as part of the 2015 Secret Santa gift-fic exchange.
No matter what "World" Trixie and her friends find themselves in, certain things are just meant to be.   blue star

Written for the beautiful and amazing Trish B as part of the 2016 Secret Santa gift-fic exchange.
What is a Wooton, you ask? Perhaps the better question is how will the Wooton find its way home.   blue star

Individual Stand-Alone Stories and Other Fun Stuff

It's that guy from Wimpy's and a few other familiar characters.  blue star

Written for the amazing and talented admin team in honor of Administrative Professionals Week.   blue star

A "what if?" cast page—just for fun.   blue star

Not really stories, just the answers to April's logic problems.  blue star

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