One overly-sunny—or maybe it was actually rainy—day late in February (or early March?) of this year, this thought, this crazy idea, entered my mind. On impulse, I reached out to a few friends, ran the idea by them, and they encouraged me to go for it.

Then I PM’d every single full member of Jix except for 14 particular members. Do you know how many flippin’ PMs that is? Well, it’s a lot. And from that, I managed to sucker persuade 14 victims volunteers to join me in a group story. I use the term ‘story’ in the loosest sense of the word. This thing makes the Trixie Belden inconsistencies and Tainted Timeline look reasonable and rational. But it all works together as one story. Sort of. ;)

I hope everyone had as much fun with it as I have. I’m still a little stunned it actually all pulled together. I was worried for a while that it was going to completely bomb, especially when I was getting so many PMs saying “I’m confused. What exactly do you want?” Yeah, organizing this kind of thing is really not my strong suit. But thanks to the dedication of our 14 Mafers—Marvelous, Amazing, and Fabulous volunteers—we have a story, or a collection of chapters, anyway. Some are short, some long, and all were written to show our heartfelt appreciation for the administrators and moderators of Jix.

I was, originally, going to post this story starting on the actual start of Administrative Professionals Week (in the United States, anyway), which is April 19, 2015 and post two chapters a day. But two of our Jix authors happen to have Jixaversaries during this week, so I realized I’d have to shorten the schedule to five days of posting. Then someone else decided to become an author, too. After jumping with joy at the news, I gladly rearranged my plans and came up with an alternate posting schedule. I squeezed everything into just four days—after all, the chapters are pretty short—still skipping over all Jixaversaries, new and old.

Without further ado, I and 14 of my fellow Jixers present to the 14 Administrators and Moderators of Jixemitri, with love, admiration, and respect for all they do:

The Marvin Appleton Fan Appreciation Message Board

No administrators or moderators were hurt in the making of this story, or, at least, not intentionally. ;)

Standard disclaimers apply. Characters belong to Random House. No profit is being made. Yadda yadda . . .

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