He Might Just Cure You

Episode 4: The Lessons

"Why do you want to live in student housing?" Dan asked, baffled by the latest development in Jim's plans. They were standing outside of a building that looked pretty nice from the outside, certainly nicer than their current place in the City, but student housing?

Jim had originally been told that there was no housing available for him, but he and Dan had managed to convince a resident of the building to relocate. Dan recalled what their vict—er, friend, had said about the place having small rooms as he stared at the building skeptically.

Jim hoisted the duffel bag on his shoulder, readjusting it so it wouldn't slip as he reached for the door handle.

A couple of students came walking down the hall. "Excuse me, bro, where is number 12—uh." He looked down at the paper in his hand. "12D?"

"Twelfth floor," one of the doctors-to-be answered, pointing at a nearby elevator.

He and Dan went up the rickety elevator together and then found the room.

"What the ...!" Dan exclaimed after turning the knob. It reminded him of a prison cell, and he did not like that memory. "This room ends before it begins."

Jim's roommate had the second bedroom door open and was sitting at his desk, apparently studying. He glanced up at the duo curiously.

"Do you know why God sent me to this particular college?" Jim asked, moving past Dan into the already occupied bedroom, which looked to be the bigger of the two, though it was hard to tell. He slapped his new roommate on the back in greeting, nearly knocking the younger kid over, and then jumped onto the bed and stretched out, leaning his back against the wall.

"God certainly didn't tell me," Dan mumbled, still wondering why Jim would subject himself to this.

Jim shook his finger at Dan. "God said, 'Go settle the score with the man who made your father cry.'"

Dan crossed his arms over his chest. "Right said, Jimmy. You've discussed it with God; then it's settled." He shook his head, knowing Jim wouldn't change his mind about the housing. He turned back to the front door, opening it wider, and then pulled out his cell phone. "Fellas! Twelfth floor. Move the stuff in." He wandered further into the room and pointed at one of the bare beige walls. "Red, I say we move this wall and take over the next bedroom, too; we'll get more space here."

It wasn't long before Pete and Mikey were entering the apartment carrying a flat-screen T.V. into the room. The roommate looked on meekly, opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish, always on the verge of protesting but never saying a word.

Dan nodded toward the small desk. "Move that and then you can install the telly on the wall, here." He turned to the opposite wall. "Let's break this wall, too. We'll move the neighbor and build you a nice, big bathroom with a Jacuzzi." He grinned. "Can you imagine the babes that will want to hang out with you?"

A few more thugs came in, carrying more items. "Put the bags down over there," Dan directed.

"Excuse me," a timid, somewhat squeaky voice called out.

Dan turned to the roommate. "Yo, guppy, move your books." He motioned to the next group of guys entering the room. "The air conditioner goes there; refrigerator over here."

"Excuse me," the voice was a little louder, a bit more firm.

"Jim, watch how I jazz up this room." Dan grinned again.

Jim lay on the bed, his hands behind his head, surveying the work with an air of satisfaction.

"Excuse me." The roommate tapped Dan on the arm. "Will you stay here as well?"

Dan snorted. "Yeah. I'll sleep in the fridge, four eyes. Now, shut up."

"Dump the tension, Dan. You don't need to be so rude to my new buddy. I've got to live with him, after all." Jim patted an empty spot on his bed. "Hey, guppy-fish. Come here."

The roommate nervously wheeled his chair closer to the bed.

"What's your name?" Jim asked, leaning toward him.

"Thomas Darnell." He pushed his glasses up on his nose.

"Look, Darnell. Relax! Grab a cold drink, watch TV, and enjoy!" Jim smiled broadly and gestured to all the new items in the room. "What's mine is yours ... except for my underwear!"

Thomas Darnell made his way out of the room, brushing past a couple of guys carrying in a recliner. He spotted a couple of older students coming down the stairs. "Excuse me!" They stopped for him. "Do you know how I would request a room change?"


Jim sat next to his roommate, Tom, in the large auditorium where one of his professors was giving a lecture. "This movement is called hyperextension." The doctor demonstrated with his hand.

Jim rolled the roasted garbanzos in his hands, stripping off the outer skin, and then popped one into his mouth.

"Now, the eight bones in the wrist are ...." Dr. Manning pointed to some words written on the large white board below them.

Jim opened his hand out to Tom. "Have some. They're good for your bones. Lots of calcium."

Thomas Darnell shushed him. "Let me study. I got the second highest MCAT scores."

"How do you think I got first ...?" Jim grinned at the nervous youngster. "By eating chickpeas. Have some." He held his hand out again.

"Are we clear so far?" Dr. Manning asked the class. "Any questions?"

Jim raised his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Frayne."

Jim stood up. "I asked a question yesterday during orientation, but the dean never answered."

"What was that, Mr. Frayne?"

Tom tugged on his shirt, so Jim dumped the rest of the chickpeas in his hand. He wiped his hands together to clean off the crumbs. "How can a dying man be expected to fill out an admission form? And if he dies while it's being filled out, who is responsible?"

"Please sit down, Mr. Frayne." Dr. Manning frowned. "I've been warned about you. Dr. Wheeler told me not to put up with your shenanigans."


"Sit down," Dr. Manning repeated. "Or leave this room."

"What?" Jim shook his head. "You want me to go?"

Dr. Manning scowled. "Yes, actually. Please go."

"Why go?" Jim challenged. "I got top scores and I paid the fees. I'm not going anywhere."

"All right." Dr. Manning nodded. "Fine." He turned to the other students in the auditorium. "If this man doesn't leave at once, then there will be no more lectures on anatomy this year."

Every student turned toward Jim, pleading with their expressions for him to just leave.

Tom nodded his head at his tough roommate. "Jim, go."

Other classmates nearby followed suit. "Go."

"Go on, Jim."

Jim looked around at the other students. "Fine. Fine. I'll leave. Why should anyone else lose out? We're all here to learn." He started climbing over Tom to get to the aisle. "Hey, Tom, pay attention and teach me later, okay?" When he was in the aisle he held his hand out. "Gimme the chickpeas."

"Huh? Oh." Tom dropped the uneaten garbanzo beans back into Jim's hand.

Jim walked down to the professor's desk. "Dump the tension, Dr. Manning. Have some chickpeas." He held his hand out to the man. Dr. Manning didn't even look at him. "No?" He shrugged. "More for me."

Tom Darnell raised his hand. "Sir?"

Dr. Manning nodded at him. "Mmm?"

Tom ran a hand nervously through his thick dark hair. "Sir? What is the procedure to change rooms in the student housing, please?"

"Please, sit down!"


"Dan, my man. I really twisted this one doctor's knickers today." Jim walked down the corridor toward the entrance of the building, his cell phone to his ear. "He got pissed off and asked me to get out of his class."

Dan gave no response.

"I said, 'Why get out? I've paid my fees.' I swear, Dan, I think he was about to cry." Jim chuckled.

"Why are you making such a racket in the hall?" a female voice asked.

Jim looked up into the face of the lovely Dr. Madeleine Hart. "Dan, gotta go." He hung up the phone. "Why shouldn't I?" he asked her. "It's my future father-in-law's college. I'll get it as dowry!" He winked.

She shook her head and started walking toward him. "Why aren't you in class?"

"My dear father-in-law, M dot Wheeler, had one of his henchman throw me out." Jim mimed writing the dean's name, punctuating the dot with his pointer finger. "He's pissed off, because I asked a question."

Dr. Hart shook her head, her hazel eyes gleaming. "What nonsense! You must have done something."

Jim placed a hand on his chest in a defensive posture. "I just asked a simple question. He told me to beat it." He shook his own head. "Both father and daughter are the same and now they've turned the professors against me, too. You ask a question politely, and ...."

Dr. Hart looked alarmed. "What? What did she do?"

"She? No, the professor was a he."

She shook her head. "I meant the dean's daughter."

"Oh, Honey? I made a small request of her. One small favor that she keep quiet." Jim sighed. "But apparently she's like her father. She busted me in front of my parents."

Dr. Hart stared back at him, confused.

"Don't worry about it," Jim said. He waved his arm as if tossing aside his problems. "It's a long story. Some other time." He turned to walk away, and then waved back at her. "Gotta go now!"

She stood there still staring after him, her eyes narrowed in anger.

"Hey, Madeleine! Dump the tension!" Jim grinned at her, and then turned the corner to head toward his new apartment.

He pulled out his cell phone again, talking as he walked. "Hey, Dan. As I was saying ... that other doctor was all flustered. This is the beginning. You just wait and watch what I do!"


Another class, another day, and another professor; Jim grimaced. He could get used to this school thing, maybe, but not today. He tried to peer over the shoulders of his classmates to watch as Dr. Ferris explained the procedure. "First, starting from the neck, make an incision down the center."

He waved his hand in front of his nose. How do these people stand the smell?

Dr. Ferris put his scalpel on the lower part of the cadaver's throat. "The upper layer of the skin is called the epidermis. And the lower layer is called ...?"

Tom raised his hand. "Hypodermis."

"Right. Anyone who didn't know that shouldn't even be here." Dr. Ferris glared pointedly at Jim.

Great. Dr. Wheeler is making sure all the professors have it out for me.

"Now, you pull the skin ...."

"Ew." Jim whispered under his breath. "It stinks." He walked away from the crowd of students.

"And make an incision in the muscle," the doctor continued. "And you enter the abdominal cavity."

Jim tried to look again. He put his hand on one of the other student's arms. "Out of the way. I can't see."

Dr. Ferris shot him another mean look. "Why donít you get a body of your own?"

Some of the class giggled at the professor's remark.

"Shh!" Dr. Ferris quieted them again. "Pay attention. Before we proceed any further ...."

Jim stepped away from the crowd again and pulled out his phone.

"I want you to answer carefully," the doctor was saying, "and list all the organs in the abdominal cavity."

Dan picked up, answering almost lazily. "Who's there?"

"Your pop," Jim answered.

His friend's voice showed a bit more enthusiasm. "Jim! How are you?"

"I need a body."


Dan stared at the phone in disbelief. "Body?" He repeated the unusual request back at Jim. "Whose body?"

"For dissection. For school." Jim's voice sounded a bit stressed.

He can't mean ... no. "Okay, Jim. Where do I find such a body?"

"How would I know?" Jim nearly shouted. "Just find one."

"Dump the tension, Jim. You concentrate on your studies. I'll get you a body." Dan stood up from the sofa he'd been relaxing on and poked his head out an open window. He looked out at the street below and spotted a stranger walking through the rough-and-tumble neighborhood. "I think I just found one. Will an imported model do?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever. Just get it quick."

"Ten minutes, man. Gimme ten minutes." Dan hung up the phone.

"Mikey?" Dan turned to the other guy in the room. "Get a sack."

"Right away." Mikey mock-saluted him and went out the front door.

Dan followed right behind him.

On the street, a Japanese tourist was taking photos of some graffiti. He then turned and took a picture of a dumpster overflowing with garbage.

Dan walked up to the stranger. "Yo, camera man. Wanna click a taxi? It's a five star model."

"No, I want real Harlem." The man's accent was thick. "Poor people. Hungry people."

Dan looked around, but there were no poor, hungry, or homeless people on the street here. "Uh ... poor, hungry people? There are some inside the cab." He pointed his thumb to the side street where the taxi was parked.

The Japanese man nodded. "Good."

Dan grabbed the man's arm and led him toward the alley. "Bloody hell man, come in from abroad and only want to see homeless, hungry people? What about the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building?"

"No, no. Hungry and poor people." The man seemed very interested in doing an expose on the homeless of New York City.

Mikey showed up just then and shoved a reusable cloth shopping bag at Dan. "Will this bag do, bro?"

"What the ...?" Dan grabbed the bag and hit him on the head with it. "Will I fold him up and then fit him in this?" He turned to the tourist. "Hey, Casio, how tall are you?"

The stranger looked at him, startled. "Hai. I am Kasyo. Kasyo Hakaito."

"Right. Hi, Casio ... camera ... whatever." Dan didn't understand, nor did he care, what the man had said in reply. "Height?"

"What?" the stranger asked.

Dan put his hand up to measure his own height. "Tall?" The man continued to give him a dumbfounded stare. Dan pointed at him, moving his finger up and down the man's length. "How long?"

"Oh! Five-six." He nodded cordially.

Dan turned back to Mikey. "Get a six foot bag." He placed his hand on the tourist's arm again. "You, come with me."

The man started walking.

"You don't want to see the Statue of Liberty? I'll show you poor, hungry Harlem." Dan led him down the alley. He opened both the front and back doors of the taxi cab, but gestured to the man to look in the back. "Get in, you son of a ...."

The stranger poked his head inside the door, while Dan grabbed a baseball bat that was on the floor of the front passenger's side. He quickly hit the stranger over the head, knocking him out cold. Then he shoved the rest of him in and moved to the driver's side. "Bloody hell."


Jim turned to see what the commotion at the door was all about. True to his word, there was Dan, along with Mikey and Pete, and they were carrying a body-shaped bag between the three of them.

"Jim, check it out! We got the body." Dan grinned at his friend.

Jim pointed to an empty table next to one that already held a cadaver.

The three thugs dumped the body on the table and pulled the bag off of it. The man's red baseball cap and floral print-shirt stood out, especially when compared to the other cadavers in the room.

Tom Darnell glanced nervously over at Jim, but Jim waved him away.

"Absolutely fresh," Mikey bragged.

Dr. Ferris' mouth hung open in shock.

"Where did you find him?" Jim asked, surveying the body.

"He was standing right outside the house," Dan answered easily.

"What the ...?!" Jim's eyes widened as the body slowly sat up. "Hey?" He pointed back at the body.

Dan put his hand on his chest in a questioning manner. "Me? What?"

Jim pointed again, unable to say anything.

Dan slowly turned around to see the tourist sitting up. He gasped. "It's a ghost!"

"You!!" The tourist moved swiftly as he reached for Dan.

Mikey and Pete grabbed for the Japanese tourist while he took after Dan. Students ran every which way, trying to get out of the gangsters' path. Stools fell to the tiled floor with metallic clangs. The rolling table with the professor's cadaver rocked back and forth, adding to the bedlam.

Jim sank down on a nearby stool, lowered his eyes, and put a hand to his forehead.


Dr. Ferris and Jim Frayne stood across from Dr. Wheeler in the laboratory. All the other students had left, as well as the thugs and the tourist. Only the professor's original cadaver remained with them.

"What was I to do?" Jim asked in defense. "There are fifty students to a body. You can't see diddly-squat. All I've seen in four days is the fingers." He held up his hand, demonstrating.

Dr. Ferris glanced at Dr. Wheeler.

"I want to be a complete doctor, not a finger specialist who doesn't know what's up with the knees," Jim explained with a wry laugh.

Neither of the doctors spoke.

"And he said to get my own body!" Jim pointed accusingly at Dr. Ferris.

Dr. Wheeler made a tsk noise and turned to Dr. Ferris, questioning the validity of the accusation.

Dr. Ferris shrugged apologetically.

"He wants a body to himself, so give it to him. He wishes to learn. What's wrong with that?" Dr. Wheeler smiled at Jim. "It's good. Very good." He turned back to Dr. Ferris. "Scalpel?"

Dr. Ferris nodded and handed him a scalpel.

Dr. Wheeler and Jim walked over to the cadaver. "Now," Dr. Wheeler said, "please show me what you've learned ... heart, kidneys, lungs, intestines." He handed the scalpel to Jim.

Jim clutched the scalpel in his hand and studied the lifeless body on the table.

Dr. Wheeler tapped him on the shoulder. "It's not a dagger. Hold it like a pen. Take your time." He smiled again.

Jim adjusted his grip on the instrument. He stared at the body. He turned to Mr. Wheeler and smiled. He stared at the body some more. He lowered the scalpel above the cadaver's skin. He could feel Mr. Wheeler watching him intensely. He glanced at him. Behind the dean, Dr. Ferris was also regarding everything very closely.

Jim straightened up.

"Take your time," Mr. Wheeler commented.

Jim nodded. He bent back over the body, the scalpel close to the cadaver's skin. His hand started to shake. He felt dizzy, light-headed. His vision started to blur.

And then he fell to the floor with a loud thud.

Dr. Wheeler tsked again, and put a hand on his chest, as if he were feeling sad about what had just happened. He turned to Dr. Ferris. "Admit him, and let him know that I filled out all his forms." Then he started laughing. He didn't even have to force it; he couldn't have stopped laughing if he'd tried.


"He's conscious!" Mikey gestured to Dan and the others.

Jim watched as Dan entered the room. Of course, he noticed Dan immediately check out the pretty female doctor with golden-brown hair checking his pulse. Another woman was also by his bed, but she was older, so Dan ignored her. "Jim? What happened?"

"Nothing." Jim grimaced. "I didn't eat last night. And I woke up early for the dean's lecture and I forgot to have breakfast." Jim peered at his friend sheepishly.

Dr. Hart gave him a knowing look.

"And there was water on the marble floor ... nobody cleans up around here. It's very dangerous, Dr. Madeleine." Jim grinned at her.

She smiled back at him. "It happens. Rest."

"How are you, now?" The older woman addressed Jim, clutching a handkerchief in her hand nervously. She was the same woman Jim had met in the emergency room on orientation day, the mother of the young boy that had tried to commit suicide.

"I'm fine ma'am. How's our hero?" He smiled kindly at the woman.

"I don't know." She frowned. "This was his second attempt at suicide." Jim could see she was holding back tears.

Mikey glanced at the woman, a question in his dark eyes, but also a look of sympathy.

"And he won't talk to anyone," the woman continued. Her voice broke as the tears started to flow down her cheeks.

"Shh. Dump the tension, ma'am. Where is he?" Jim looked around the room for the other patients, but the other two curtains were drawn.

She pointed to one of those closed curtains.

At Jim's nod, Mikey went over and opened it.

The young man, maybe eighteen, was sitting up on the bed staring at his feet.

"Hey!" Jim called over to him, and the boy looked up. "Your mom is crying in front of you. Aren't you ashamed?"

Dan shook his head as if telling him to stop.

The woman put a hand on Jim's arm. "Don't scold him!"

"Why not?" Jim turned to her, his green eyes meeting her brown ones. He stumbled out of the bed and went over to the other patient, feeling a little woozy at first but finding his strength after the first couple of steps. "You wanna die? Then do it right. Finish it."

He knew his words were harsh, but he had a feeling he could get through to this kid. He'd met so many like him on the streets of Manhattan, kids who had lost all hope. Sometimes, all they needed was someone to snap them out of it. Jim challenged the youngster, instinctively knowing the boy wouldn't go through with it. "Sleeping pills are a half-measure. If you really want to die, take a knife to your throat and slit it."

The boy stared back at him, neither frightened nor intimidated. Jim took this as a good sign.

"Till then, don't pity yourself." Jim pointed an accusing finger at him.

"I don't pity myself." The boy's tone was defiant.

Jim smiled.

"Jim! Lie down." Dr. Hart was back in the room.

"Hang on, Dr. Madeleine." Jim waved her words away. "Kids today don't have an ounce of courage."

The boy glared at him.

Jim turned to his mother. "And you've spoilt him, ma'am; hanging on every teardrop of his. He has to toughen up."

"Shut up!" The boy was yelling at him now.


"You don't know what I've been through!" The youngster pointed at him as he shouted.

"What?" Jim shrugged. The boy didn't answer. "Failed your exams? Got dumped by a girl? Strapped for cash?" He watched the boy carefully, seeing which of the questions got any kind of reaction.

The boy was holding a hand to his head. He looked heartbroken, and he had flinched at the girl question. "A girl! Got dumped, right? Or she cheated on you?"

The telltale responses from the boy meant she had dumped him. He was starting to sob quietly.

Jim stood up. "Hey, Dan, who'd go out with such a cry baby? Tries to kill himself after a six month romance." Jim shook his head. He turned back to the boy. "Your mom's loved you for years; can't you stay alive for her?"

"Just shut up!" The boy pointed at Jim as he screamed the words again. "What do you know about love?" he asked accusingly.

"True." Jim slowly smiled. "What does a goon like me know about love? I loaf around to kill time. Eat and drink, five to nine. I'm fine." He started pacing back and forth in front of the boy's bed. "So why fall in love? Why?"

He grinned. "But then, one day, Dot Murray walked my way. My head was in a strange condition; my heart revved without ignition!" He almost felt like he could go into a song and dance routine thinking about that blonde bombshell from Iowa. "Dude, what a face she had! And whatchamacallit ...." He held his hands up to his hair. "Oh yes, tresses! What beautiful blonde tresses! She moved like the wind. Traffic stopped if her eyes just blinked."

Jim leaned an elbow onto the boy's bed. "I thought I'd found the one. I found my love, man." He sighed dramatically, fully aware he had the youngster's rapt attention. "All day I'd stand underneath her window. I didn't even get into any fights or brawls. No disputes with anyone. I was numb, just standing there watching her window, hoping for a glimpse of her."

"And?" the boy asked.

"She was the one." He clutched at his heart. "And then, one day, Pete there told me she was ...." Jim's hands outlined the shape of an hourglass figure. "Va va voom." Jim winked over at Pete. "I lost my head and punched him in the face for that."

"So, what happened to Dot?" The boy's curiosity was piqued.

"One day, she looked at me and smiled. She blew me a kiss. I thought for sure she loved me, too. But then she met someone else ...." Jim frowned. "I was heartbroken. That night I drank until four a.m. I had but one dream; my Dorothy, my Dot." Jim tousled the kid's hair. "But I didn't shed one tear. Why cry? It was over. The next day, it was back to life; back to reality. Loafing around, wasting time. Eating, drinking, not a care in the world.

"But who was I kidding? I couldn't forget her. My dreams were shattered; my heart was, too. Yes, it hurt. But that's life." He turned around and walked away from the youngster. He noticed Dr. Madeleine and the kid's mom and the head nurse, Trask, he thought her name was, all of them looked sad for him. Jim winked at them.

The boy grabbed his arm. He wasn't even sitting in the bed anymore, he had gotten up. "Then ... then what happened?" he asked.

"What could happen?" Jim replied seriously. "The next day ...." He grinned widely. "Linnie Moore walked my way." He put a hand to his head, and then to his heart as he told his story. "My head was in a strange condition! My heart revved without ignition! What a face!" He sighed dramatically. "And, oh, what beautiful eyes!"

The boy laughed. Not just smiled, but actually laughed.

Nurse Trask chortled heartily. "All right, Frayne! That's enough of you disturbing our patients." Her blue eyes twinkled merrily at him, thanking him wordlessly for bringing the youngster out of his funk.

The boy's mom smiled, hugging her son.


"He's smiled so much, and after so many days of ...." Dr. Hart smiled at Jim. "I think he'll be fine. Thank you."

Jim shrugged. The two of them were enjoying lunch outdoors instead of in the cafeteria. "It was nothing. Don't mention it."

Madeleine frowned. "Although, it could have gone so wrong, so easily. I don't know that you should try a stunt like that again."

He thought for a second and shook his head. "Aw, I've run into kids like him on the street so many times. I was pretty sure he'd respond positively."

She glared at him, her hazel eyes boring into his green ones.

"Okay," he relented. "You're right. I got lucky." He held his hands up in defense. "I promise not to scold any more suicidal patients for the rest of my studies." He winked at her.

"Why do you bug everyone, Jim?" She asked the question in all seriousness. "It seems you're here to irritate people, not to study."

"Not everyone." Jim shook his head in denial. "Just Wheeler. He and his daughter ... never mind." He took a bite of his sandwich.

Madeleine frowned. "Honey is innocent. She didn't even know."

Jim stared at her as he finished chewing the food in his mouth. Finally, he swallowed. "You know Honey?"

"Of course! She's a good friend." Madeleine smiled. She looked at the half-eaten sandwich on her plate. "It wasn't her fault. The maid told her father. What could Honey do?"

"No wonder!"Jim exclaimed in relief. "I kept trying to figure out why a childhood buddy would tell on me." Jim started to take another bite of his sandwich, but then changed his mind. "So, Dr. Hart, tell me, what does she look like?"

Madeleine giggled. "Why? I thought she was an old childhood buddy of yours?"

"As a kid, she was skinny. And had stringy hair." Jim winked.

"No! I've seen her old photos. She was slender, but not too skinny. Besides, I bet you weren't so good-looking either. Probably had too many freckles and unruly red hair that stuck out at odd angles." She stuck her tongue out at him.

"You're kidding me! She could hide behind a toothpick!" Jim ran a hand through his hair, smoothing it down, and winked at her. "Besides, I've always been good-looking!"

Madeleine laughed. "It must've been a giant toothpick."

Jim leaned toward her. "So, tell me, what does she look like now?"

She pursed her lips together. "Um ... not too bad, I guess."

"As pretty as you?" He gazed at her.

She glanced up at the sky, almost rolling her eyes, but not quite. "Better than me."

"Whoa! Dr. Madeleine, you have to help me meet her. Please?" He clasped his hands together, pleading.

She shook her head. "Dr. Wheeler will kill her."

"That son of a ...." Jim glanced back at his sandwich, but reached instead for the miniature carton of milk. He drank from it, emptying it, and then crushed it into a ball. "Sorry." He peered at Dr. Hart again. "We could meet secretly. You're her friend. You could help us, please?"

"Why?" Her hazel eyes seemed to twinkle mischievously. "Why should I?"

Jim looked down at the ground, suddenly a bit embarrassed.

She stood up from the table, gathering her unfinished lunch onto a plastic tray. "Fine. But only if you promise not to bother the professors anymore."

"Deal!" Jim took her tray and added his own garbage to it.He w He was looking forward to meeting Honey Wheeler. He wanted to hear her side of the story, and, besides, she'd seemed pretty nice—and sounded pretty—when he had talked to her on the phone that fateful day.

Author's Notes:

Word count: 5,117

Huge thanks to Jenn, Dana, and Trish, my lovely trio of editors. They have all given me very helpful critiques and feedback that have helped improve the story. You ladies really do offer some great feedback and critique and I very much appreciate it.

This is part of a late CWE #6, starring:
James Winthrop Frayne, II, Dan Mangan, Matthew Wheeler, and Honey Wheeler.
Guest appearances in this episode: Thomas Darnell as Jim's new roommate (Tom being the unnamed young boy in Red Trailer *g*), Doc Ferris as one of Jim's professors, Seth Manning as another of Jim's professors, Kasyo Hakaito as the Japanese tourist, and Marjorie Trask as the head nurse in Jim's room.
Mentioned were Dot Murray and Linnie Moore as former love interests of Jim.

The movie is Munna Bhai, MBBS. Moving the action from Mumbai to Manhattan posed quite a few challenges. Things are different in New York, and I will continuously ask people to really suspend their disbelief at some of the situations. But I have fabulous editors help me out with some great ideas, so hopefully I can manage to make this work.

I must thank my sister for inspiring me, and also for helping me cast this particular movie; not to mention semi-permanently lending me her copy of the movie. Thank you, Sylvia!

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