answer to April's logic problem #9 - Fat Chance

"Phew!" Honey exclaimed as she walked into the door of her favorite diner, shivering from the cold December air. "I can't believe all the criminals running around that go by the name of 'Fats'."

"Remember when it was 'Slims' we had to be wary of? Slim Pickins, Slim Tootin', Slim, Slim, and Slim." Trixie smirked as she followed her best friend and partner into Wimpy's. The two of them had just come from the police department in White Plains, closing up their latest case. "I still can't believe that loser, Fats Katz. Nancy Drew. Hunh!"

"That was in August, right?" Honey tried to remember. It wasn't the Fats they had just put away. "Oh, and that librarian in Albany laughed when she saw what he had done. 'Nancy Drew? Nancy who?' She was much nicer than our 'shhh' lady here in Sleepyside."

Trixie sat down at their usual booth. "That's true. And speaking of Sleepyside, remember in September --"

Honey interupted, singing, "I'll see yooouuuu in Septemmmmber ... "

Mike came over with their usual orders. "Nice singing," he commented as he set the food on the table.

"Thanks, Mike." Honey smiled sincerely.

"Fats Finley, younger brother of Al Finley. Forging documents and selling them on the internet. What a putz." Trixie giggled.

"Then there was Fats Checker in Croton-on-the-Hudson." Honey nibbled on a fry. "Wasn't that right before Halloween?"

"Yeah. He was so stupid, I bet he couldn't even spell embezzling." Trixie shook her head. "But that guy, Fatz Pepper, he was actually pretty scary."

Honey shuddered. "New York City in November." She shuddered again. It would be awhile before she could think back on that caper without shuddering. "I'm so glad we finally caught him. That heiress he kidnapped was just as nice as Julianna."

Trixie raised her milkshake glass in salute. "And now our fifth Fats. Smuggling Fats Boyer. I wonder what next year's criminals will be known by."

Honey shrugged as she took a bite of her juicy burger. "We'll just have to wait and see," she finally said.

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