answer to April's logic problem #11 - Honey's Homework

"Gosh," Di said, as she settled into the seat on the bus next to Trixie. "Can you believe Honey's at the dentist, again?!"

"I know," Trixie answered. "She must have the cleanest teeth in all of Sleepyside."

"Try all of New York," Dan commented. He had just gotten on the bus and sat down in the seat across from Trixie and Di. "I just picked up her homework from Ms. McCormick's English class in room 203."

"Gleeps!" Trixie exclaimed, as she hastily ran off the bus.

Di smirked. "I guess she forgot to pick up that Business assignment from Mr. Taylor. I should have traded with her, but I know she didn't want to go anywhere near a math class if she didn't have to. Ms. Bellini is really nice, though." Di had spent a few minutes in room 103 talking with the new math teacher.

Jim grinned as he watched Trixie run across the lawn. "I hope she can make it all the way up to room 303 and back here before the bus takes off."

"Did you get that Science project from Mr. England?" Brian asked. "I thought I saw you coming down the stairs when I went to room 114 to get Ms. Hartwick's World History assignment for her."

Jim tapped his backpack. "Yep, I got it. I forgot that Mr. England's class on the second floor is right above Ms. Hartwick's. I would've waited for you if I'd know you were in there."

"No big." Brian leaned back in his seat.

Mart quickly boarded the bus and took the seat next to Dan.

"Hey, Mart," Dan said.

"Hi, sweetie." Di smiled at her boyfriend. "Did you remember to get the Geography assignment from Mr. Jones?"

"Natch," Mart answered as he tried to catch his breath.

"He probably just ran all the way from room 314." Brian chuckled.

Mart sighed. "You know me too well. But I did see our fair-haired sister running in to Mr. Taylor's class, so at least I'm not the only one who forgot until the last minute."

The bus closed its doors and was about to take off. Suddenly, it stopped, as a pounding was heard on the door. The bus doors opened, and red-faced Trixie, clutching a few pieces of paper, sheepishly went to her seat after saying a quick "thanks" to the bus driver.

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