answer to April's logic problem #1 - Lost and Found

Trixie pounded the small gavel. "It's Sunday, my fellow BWG's. Let's get this meeting going."

"Hey, Trix. I solved a mystery yesterday, all by myself." Jim's eyes twinkled merrily as he teased the curly blonde.

Honey quirked her eyebrow at Trixie, then turned to her adopted brother. "Okay, I bite. What mystery did you solve?" she asked.

"Mrs. Vanderpoel lost her hat, and I found it over by Glen Road when I was riding," he replied.

"Is that all?" Trixie rolled her eyes.

"If that's all, then I solved a mystery, too," Brian said. "I found a set of keys at Lytell's store, and it turned out they were Regan's."

"Regan misplaced something? Our Regan?" Dan grinned. "And by the way, I found some sunglasses just outside the clubhouse door yesterday. They belonged to Ms. Trask. Now what was she doing here?"

Mart winked. "That's easy, Dan. She was having a clandestine meeting with --"

"Ewwww! Please don't say it!" Trixie covered her ears.

Di and Honey followed Trixie's lead, all of them with their hands on their ears chanting, "La, la, la, la. I can't hear you."

When the laughter died down, Mart spoke again. "I was going to say Mr. Maypenny. He lost a glove over by the lake."

"Seems like everyone lost something yesterday," Di said. "Mr. Harrison asked me to find his pen, and when I finally did it was on a path here in the preserve. He must have dropped it while going for a bike ride."

"Maybe he was visiting Miss Crandall." Honey smiled. "They would make a cute couple."

"Eewww!!" Trixie exclaimed. "Okay, fine. Is that all the mysteries you solved?" When five heads nodded in reply, she continued. "Good. Because this is what Honey and I found out at the library ... "

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