answer to April's logic problem #13 - Regan's Busy Morning

"Okay, Susie," Regan said softly to the mare. "Let me see that leg of yours. I'll get her bandaged right up and you'll be as good as new."

The nervous mare nickered but did not cooperate. Regan continued approaching her, talking softly in his efforts to calm her. Soon he was able to look at the leg and start cleaning the cut. "That's a sweet girl. I'll give you some extra sweet feed today, Susie."

"Regan? Should I just leave this on your desk?" Miss Trask called out in a friendly tone.

Unfortunately, she startled Susie and Regan had to start over on the bandaging. "Is that my paycheck? Yes, please, just leave it on top."

Miss Trask left the paycheck on his desk and whistled merrily as she headed toward the garage. Regan finished bandaging Susie's leg and then cleaned up the supplies. He needed to take care of Strawberry next. The roan had gotten a stone stuck in his shoe, and he figured he could quickly get that taken out.

Ten minutes later he was still trying to get that stubborn stone out of the shoe, and Strawberry was not at all happy about it. Regan was just convincing the roan gelding that he would get some extra time out in the pasture, when Maypenny sauntered into the stables.

"Hi, Regan. Busy?" he asked.

"No more so than usual," Regan replied in a friendly tone.

"I just wanted to talk to you about your nephew." Maypenny leaned against the door.

"Nothing serious I hope." Regan grunted and finally the stone came loose. Strawberry was relieved. "Extra pasture time, okay," Regan whispered to the horse.

"Nothing serious. Just wanted to let you know he's working out real good. He knows as much about the feed stations and patrolling now, as he needs to. You've got a good boy there. Since he joined the Bob-Whites, he's lost a bit of that sarcastic, edgy attitude."

Regan raised an eyebrow at that.

"Oh, he's still sarcastic, but in a more humorous way now," Maypenny acknowledged.

"That's good to hear. Now that he's been here a while, I've been thinking of asking Mr. Wheeler if he can move into my apartment above the garage with me. What do you think?" Regan asked.

"That's fine by me. I could use my independence back." Maypenny nodded his head thoughtfully. "I'll tell Mr. Wheeler everything I told you, as well."

Regan snorted. "Your independence? Don't tell me my nephew's been cramping your style."

Maypenny laughed as well. "You know I'm used to being on my own. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that he's working out well. I've got to get back to my work now. I'll see you later."

"Later," Regan agreed. He turned back to Strawberry, who looked anxious for that pasture time. "Later," he said to the horse as well. "No, now, without the other horses around." He led Strawberry to the pasture and the gelding practically frolicked.

"Now, what's next?" Regan asked himself.

He decided fixing Jupiter's loose shoe was next on the agenda, and promptly went to work at it. The big, black gelding was being difficult to handle, as usual, though. Regan had him calm and was just whispering in Jupe's ear when the phone rang. "Wait here," he told the horse. Jupiter seemed to nod. Soon Regan came back in, and Jupiter looked at him as if to question his absence. "Just the feed store confirming my order," he answered the horse, then wondered briefly if he was nuts for thinking Jupiter had asked him anything. "Now let's get your shoe tightened and then when I'm done with the other chores I'll give you that workout I promised."

Regan finished up that chore, and then turned to Lady. "Now, Lady," he said sternly, "I've got some sugar cubes here." He opened his hand to show the dapple-gray mare and she whinnied in delight. "But you're going to have to stand still for me." Regan led the mare out of the stables into a more open area. Lady started to look nervous. Then she recognized the flyspray. "Ah-ah, you need to stand still if you want these sugar cubes," Regan reminded her. Lady looked positively indignant, but stood still. Regan was only half way through when Celia came down to tell him lunch was ready. With a quick "be right there," Regan acknowledged the message. "Lunchtime already?" he thought to himself, as Lady snorted with impatience to get the flyspray done and get to her sugar cubes.

After lunch, Regan had one more task to do. The unpleasant one. The one he had put off all morning. Making sure he had a nice fresh apple with him from the kitchen, Regan approached Starlight's stall. "Okay boy, I know you hate this, but your mane always gets into a tangled mess. Come on, boy." Regan's voice was it's usual calm, soothing tone. Starlight sniffed around Regan's pockets. He knew there was a treat for him there, somewhere. But before he could get to it, Regan had the lavender scented conditioner in his mane.

While Regan was working on Starlight, Tom walked in, chortling. "I don't know which is worse: Starlight smelling all lavender-y fresh, or you."

"What do you want, Tom," Regan grumbled good-naturedly.

"I'm just heading into town and thought you might need something." Tom grinned. "But I can see you're busy doing the horses' hair."

"Ha, ha." Regan left the conditioner in poor Starlight's mane and went to rinse his hands. "I could use a favor ... if you're headed into town and your offer is sincere."

"Of course, pal. What can I do for you?"

Regan went over to his desk and quickly filled out a deposit slip and envelope, and signed the back of his check. "Can you take this to the bank for me? Just put it in their quick drop."

Tom took the envelope from Regan. "Sure thing. Anything else?"

"Nope. That's it. Thanks." Regan dismissed Tom with a quick wave, and went back to Starlight and the conditioner. The chestnut gelding was not happy. Not at all.

"Here you go, Starlight," Regan said, finally handing him the apple he'd been wanting.

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