answer to April's logic problem #7A - Spring Break Plans

Mike waved as five familiar faces walked into the diner. "The usual?" he asked.

"Naw, we just need some drinks, please," Dan answered.

Mike was already filling up two of the tall glasses. "Okay. I know what to get for the two Belden's. What are the rest of you having this time?"

"Lemonade for me," Dan answered. "Di? Honey?"

"Just water," Di said.

"Diet coke, please," Honey answered.

The Bob-Whites sat down at their usual table. Mike followed them a few minutes later and put all the drinks down.

"So what do you think about going to the beach?" Honey asked.

"The beach is nice," Mart answered, reaching for his Dr. Pepper. "But I heard about this great ranch, it kind of reminded me of Di's uncle's place. I was hoping we could go there."

"I wanted to go up to Vermont," Dan said. "You all had such a great time at Mead's mountain. It doesn't have to be that mountain, though."

"I was thinking it would be fun to spend some time in the city," Di commented. "Without any mysteries this time."

They all turned to Trixie, but she didn't respond.

"They all sound fun," Honey said tactfully, trying to draw the attention away from Trixie.

"How much money do we have for gas?" Mart asked. "I can put in fifteen dollars for now."

Dan reached into his pockets. "Twenty-five now. I can contribute more later."

Honey found twenty dollars, and Di added thirty to the table.

Trixie, who was being unusually quiet, took a last sip of her strawberry pop and stood up. Throwing ten dollars onto the pile, she mumbled, "I'll see you all later."

"What's with her?" Dan asked, concerned.

Di shook her head, unsure of what was troubling their friend.

Honey shrugged her slim shoulders. She had an idea what this was all about. Jim sounded like he was in a similar funk when she had talked to him on the phone earlier. "I'll go find out," she said with a sigh, then followed her friend out the door.

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